Hampi - Where Time Stands Still..

The world's largest open air museum - Hampi is a place where past comes alive. Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagar Empire and its ruins have stood the ravages of man and time and still evoke memories of regal splendour. Whispering winds, magnificent ruins and traces of a by gone
Located along the Malaprabha River in the Bagalkot district Hampi is located close to Badami and Pattadakal. Hampi has 125 temples divided into 22 groups. The main temple groups at Hampi are Kontigudi group with 3 temples and Galaganatha group of temples with as many as 30 temples. Durga temple is amongst the best known of the Hampi temples and also most photographed temples in Hampi. The names of the temples are based on recent usage, and do not reflect their original dedications.
Ravana Phadi Cave Temple - Hampi

Ravana Phadi cave is built around 550 AD is one of the oldest rock cut temples in Hampi. Ravana Phadi is located south east of Hucchimalli temple. This temple dramatically recessed on a deep ledge has a rectangular shrine and two mantapas with free-standing shrines on either sides. Carved in sandstone Ravana Phadi Cave Temple has been preserved comparatively well. Ravana Phadi has a sanctum larger than that of the Badami Cave Temples
Lad khan temple - Oldest Temple in Hampi

The Kontigudi group of temples is a group of three temples and has the oldest of the temples in Hampi - The Lad khan temple. The Lad khan temple is built in a Panchayat hall style and was built in the late 5t and early 6th century
Archaeological Site Museum - Hampi

Originally planned as a sculpture shed Archaeological Site Museum in Hampi was converted in to a full fledged museum in the year 1987. The museum mainly comprises of stone sculptures of Brahmanical, Jaina and Buddhist faith and fragmentary artefacts. Period wise the sculptures in the Hampi archaeological site museum range in date from 6th century AD to 15th century AD
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Lad Khan Temple - Hampi
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