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Devarayanadurga is a small hill near Tumkur. Devarayanadurga is ideal only as a one day destination and Devarayanadurga is known more as a pilgrim destination near Bangalore with the famous Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy and Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple, than a holiday destination near Bangalore.
Devarayanagurga is a one day picnic destination from Bangalore and is more of a pilgrim center than just a picnic spot. There are a few more destinations around Devarayanadurga ideal for one day trips like Madhugiri and Pavagada Fort making the entire cluster of destinations ideal for a holiday trip! Devarayanadurga region is very popular amongst rock climbers with more than one spot ideal for rock climbing, Devarayanadurga is also a popular destination amongst cyclists from Bangalore.

Madhugiri lies at a distance of about 40 kms from devarayanadurga. Almost in the center of Madhugiri town lies the huge monolith Madhugiri Betta. Madhugiri Betta is 1197m high and is the second highest monolith in Asia after Savandurga. There is a fort and several granaries atop Madhugiri Betta. The climb to the top is steep at many points and should not be tried during monsoons. At the top of the hill there is a temple. Pavagada Fort is 50 kms from Madhugiri.
Kuningal Stud Farm

The Kuningal stud farm is one of the oldest stud farms for breeding horses mainly for racing in the country and is celebrated as Leading Stud Farm many times. Currently the Kuningal Stud farm is leased out the Vijay Mallya
Marconahalli dam

Simsha River, a tributary of River Cauvery originates in Devarayanadurga hills and flows towards the Southern District of Mandya. Marconahalli dam is built across the Simsha in Kunigal 80 kms from Devarayanadurga. The dam was built in 1930 during the reign of Mysore Maharaja Sri Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV and its unique automatic siphon system was designed by Sir M Vishveshwaraiah.
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Kuningal Stud Farm
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