Around Madikeri..
Around Madikeri

There is lots to see in and around Madikeri. The venue of the Storm festival a modern version of Woodstock Madikeri is a secial destination in many ways. A popular honeymoon destination Madikeri is also a trekkers delight. The trekking trail in the hills of Brahmagiri, where you could trek your way to the Irrupa Falls is a very popular trekking trail in Madikeri.
At about 35 kms from Madikeri in Madikeri is Bhagamandala famous for the temple of Bhagandeshwara. Bhagamandala is situated at the confluence of two rivers, Cauvery and Kanika. A third river, the Sujyothi is said to join from underground. A temple is built here in Malabar style with shrines dedicated to varios dieties. It is a custom for pilgrims to take a dip in the sangama and perform rituals to their ancestors before proceeding to Talacauvery, the origin of Cauvery river.
Legend of Cauvery

Legend has it that the Goddess Cauvery appears at the sacred site of Talacauvery, the source of the Cauvery, on a specific day in October. She manifests herself as a sudden upsurge of water in a small tank. A large number of devotees gather to witness this bubbling spring and coconuts adorned with flowers are floated down the river as part of a special prayer. The water is especially potent on this occasion and is said to possess healing powers.
Dubare Elephant Camp

A project undertaken by forest department and Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd the camp has elephants which are trained under naturalists. A trained Naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of Elephant history, ecology and biology
Storm Festival - Madikeri Karnataka..

The Storm Festival is set in the mounds of the divine locales of Madikeri, also known as the Kashmir of the South. With a mix of top notch DJs from India and a handful from across the globe, you are sure to have the time of your life, partying in the Hills for a whole happening weekend!

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Dubare - Madikeri
Bhagandeshwara - Madikeri
Storm festival - Madikeri
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