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Owing to the presense of very famous heritage sites like Pattadakal, Aihole Badami and Hampi in a 100 km radius Lakkundi is far less visited however the ones who take the pains to visit Lakkundi is rewarded with some of the most beautiful Kalyani Chalukya temles.
Lakkundi has about 50 temples of various stature and antiquity. Lakkundi is full of ruined temples and tanks, a few of which have been restored and maintained by the ASI. Lakkundi has temples and inscriptions spread over the period of Kalyani Chalukyas, Kalachuris, Sevunas and Hoysalas. Most of the temples in Lakkundi are dedicated to Lord Siva and his various aspects. The main town near Lakkundi, Gadag also has some very beautiful temples like the Trikuteshwara Shiva temple
Kashivishveshwara Temple - Lakkundi

Kashivishveshwara Temple is a twin temple built over a common plinth and has two sanctums, one has the shiva linga while the other houses the Surya statue. A platform or Mandapa is there in between the sanctums and the temple has an entrance on the east side and south side of the mandapa. The painstakingly carved multi-banded door-jambs are breathtaking. The themes in this temple in Lakkundi is similar to the temples in Pattadakal.
Gadag - A Temple Town

Gadag has some beautiful temples that can be visited along with a trip to Lakkundi. Trikuteshwara temple complex Saraswathi temple and Veeranarayana temple are some fine example of temple architechture during the chalukya era.
Kalyani - The Stepped Wells

Stepped wells or Kalyani is a distinctive feature of temples in Lakkundi. Artistically built with small canopied niches enshrining lingas kalyanis were probably used to accommodate bathing and cleansing activities before prayer. Manikesvara Temple with a stepped Kalyani is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Lakkundi along with Chateer Kanne and Musukina Bavi.
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