Paragliding near Karnataka..

Paragliding as a sport is in its nascent stages in Karnataka. Nandi hills and Hoskote lake are two locations where paragliding is organized frequently. There are a few locations near Bangalore like Yelagiri where paragliding is done on a more organized way.

In Karnataka there are a few locations in the Mullayanagiri range which are ideal for flying.
There are a few institutes in Bangalore who teach hang gliding in Bangalore.
Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association

YASA is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act. YASA is a society formed to bring Adventure Sports to Yelagiri Hills in 2008. YASA organizes adventure sports festival and paragliding festivals annually, typically in the month of September.

Yelagiri is about 160 kms away from Bangalore in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. A hill station which used to be called the 'poor man's Ooty' is also a great destination for a weekend trip from Bangalore.
Panchgani - Maharashtra..

Panchgani is a popular destination for the adventure sports enthusiast in Maharashtra. Panchgani is a pseudo head quarter for the parasailing activities in Maharashtra and the paragliding is conducted through out the year  but for the monsoons. Karnatakatraveller in association with its partners organize training in paragliding in Panchgani.

Paragliding Vs Parasailing..

Parasailing is recreational flying where the person supported by a canopy, is towed behind a vehicle usually a jeep. Parasailing is very common in all the Konkan beaches. Paragliding is free flight using a foot launched fabric canopy without an engine. Paragliding is a competitive adventure sport.

Paragliding is a form of sport flying, which offers perhaps the easiest and most fun way for almost anyone to realize the age-old dream of personal flight. While beginning skills of paragliding are easy to learn and practice, safe flying on one's own requires a broad range of skills, knowledge of airmanship and weather as well as operating limitations of a Paraglider.

Tandem joyrides is the easiest way to find out whether Paragliding is a sport for you or not!
Paragliding near  Bangalore..
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Paragliding in Panchgani
Paragliding near Bangalore
Paragliding near Bangalore
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