B R Hills - Cherrapunji of South India...

If you are looking for a peaceful break for a few days from the hectic city life, then B R Hills is the place for you. B R Hills is the gateway to one of the ecologically sensitive, evergreen forest range and is a trekkers paradise. B R Hills is among the places that receive high rainfall and is rightly called the Cherrapunji of South India.
Situated at an altitude of 2800 fts above sea level in Shimoga district B R Hills with the second largest rain forests in the world is part of a World Heritage site within Western Ghats. B R Hills offers some magnificent vistas and panoramic views of lush green forests and you could also get the glimpse of the Arabian sea also from some of the view points in B R Hills. Many hills, rivers and streams are hidden within the deep forests and slopes in and around B R Hills ideal for trekking.
Barkana & Jogi Gundi

Barkana a trekkers destination is located approximately 7 kilometers from B R Hills within the dense forests. Barkana offers magnificent view of the V shaped valley with a spectacular 2200 feet high waterfall of the Sita river at the seam.

Situated roughly about 3 kilometers from B R Hills on the way to Barkana is a small pond called Jogi Gundi. This pond is the origin of the river Malapahaari; a tributary of Tunga.
The B R Hills Rainforest Research Station

An ecological research station ARRS has a record of rescuing and relocating highest number of king cobras. The area under the station has been identified as one of the world’s biodiversity regions and is part of a world heritage site.
Sunset View Point

Sunset Point, also known as the Sunset View Point, is located on one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats aroun B R Hills. The view point provides views of the setting sun on the horizon of the Arabian Sea. This point is situated at the 14th hair-pin bend of the mountainous road that leads to B R Hills. It can be reached by a 10 minute walk from B R Hills village.
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B R Hills
B R Hills
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