The Kodachadri hills is a part of one of the largest forest areas in Karnataka and part of this region forms the Mookambika Nature Reserve. A beautiful hill and a favourite trekking destination in Karnataka Kodachadri, nestled in the forests of Ambavanam, is the moolasthana or the 
origin of Mookambika. Two small temples are located here. At a slightly higher elevation is the Sarvagyanapeedom, the place where Sri Sankaracharya did tapasya. Behind Sarvajnapeedom, is the stone cave, Chitramoola, where Sankaracharya made the Devi appear. It is from here that the river Sowparnika originates. 
To reach Kodachadri you need to reach Kollur and from Kollur you have to travel for around 45 minutes towards Nagodi village, Reaching there, you'll find a mud road where you can find a sign indicating the way towards Kodachadri. On the way you will find a small tea shop after about one hour walk. From here it is roughly 5 hours of trek to the peak. Just half-an-hour before the peak you will find a temple, which is an ideal place for camping in Kodachadri. There is also a travellers bungalow nearby. From the temple a slight deviation would lead to 'Agastya Teertha'. The route will take you inside dense forest and it is advisable to take help from locals and not to venture at night. There is a temple dedicated to Sri Mokkambika Devi at the top. Chitramoola is another beautiful location which according to the legend was the place where Shankaracharya met Mookambika Devi. Ganapathi Guhe is another attraction
Kodachadri - A Trekkers Paradise
Ganapathi Guhe is another attraction near the Peak
The Mookambika temple, situated on the banks of River Sauparnika, which is in Kollur with lakhs of visitors every year. It is considered as one of the seven most sacred spots of the coastal region.with lakhs of visitors every year. It is considered as one of the seven most sacred spots of the coastal region. Mookambika symbolizes Mahalakshmi, Mahadurga and Mahavani. Initiation of any learning or vidya at the Saraswatimandapam in the temple is considered to be very auspicious. The pooja rites and rituals followed here are formulated by Sankaracharya.
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