River Rafting near Bangalore..

One of the world's most captivating adventures; White Water Rafting is just a few hours drive from Bangalore. Life doesn't get more exciting than this, hurtling down a pumping river in an inflatable raft, negotiating the drops, turns and chutes and punching through the sheets of water crashing aboard, its 100% pure aqua fun. The nearest place from Bangalore where you can do white water rafting near Bangalore is Bheemeshwari. River rafting is done in Coorg and also in Dandeli.
River Rafting in Maharashtra

There are practically no rivers with the necessary rapids to do river rafting in Maharastra however river rafting is organized on Kundalika river when the water from the Bhira dam is released. Duration of the rafting experiance is approximately 1.5 hours. The distance covered is approximately 10 km in the water in which rapids of grade ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 3 is negotiated. The start point for rafting is located at Shajey village below the Bhira dam.
Zanskar River Rafting Expedition..

Ladakh�s famous Zanskar Rivers 150 K.M white water rafting initiates at the border of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.  Zanskar River is known to be at its best for rafting during the summer season. Zanskar River Rafting Expedition takes the rafter through one of the Asia�s most surprising gorges. The beauty of these gorges is impressive, and unparalleled.

Grades of white water..

There are six grades of white water. Grad 1 is very basic with little or no skills necessary to maneuvere and Grade VI is considered practically unnavigable. Commercial river rafting in Karnataka is organized on grade II - III where maneuvering skills are necessary however no risk is involved!

Karnataka is a land that is criss crossed by numerous west ward flowing rivers and add to it the gradient that the western ghats offer, makes a perfect recipe for great rafting experience.

River Rafting is organized in more than one location in Karnataka. At approximately 100 kms rafting in Bheemeshwari river is the nearest option for river rafting near Bangalore. One could enjoy rafting in Barapole river in southern Coorg and Kali river in Dandeli
River Rafting in Maharashtra
River Rafting near  Bangalore..
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Whi Water Rafting in Zanskar
Paragliding near Bangalore
Paragliding near Bangalore
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