Rock Climbing near Bangalore..

Karnataka is a state famous as the cradle of stone architecture and there is no dearth of boulders and rocks to climb near Bangalore!

Rock climbing is an extremely popular adventure sports in Bangalore and there are more than one artificial wall in Bangalore for training novices in rock climbing. Climbing wall at Kanteerava Stadium and wall at State Youth Center are two examples of the same!
The 'Gabbar' Country

Ramnagar, the location for the shooting of the legendary movie 'Sholay' is also a great location for rock climbing near Bangalore. 40Kms from Bangalore on the Mysore High way Ramnagar has clusters of rocks and boulders ideal for climbing perfect for both budding and pro climbers. Climbs of various grades along with few bolted routes are available here. Spread over a few kilometers Ramnagar is a great place for rock climbing near Bangalore
Yana Rocks..

Yana is two peaks of black crystalline limestone peaks jutting into the sky towering above the dense forest cover in Uttar Kannada. One peak stands  at 400 feet and is called Bhairaveshwari Shikhara while the other stands at 300 feet and is called the Mohini Shikhara. Yana rocks and the caves are a popular destination amongst climbers in Bangalore.
General Thimmaiah Academy of Adventure Sports..

The State Youth Center situated at Nrupatunga Road has a artificial climbing wall. The General Thimmaiah Academy of Adventure Sports is also situated in the premises. The Academy has fixed nominal rates for all these activities barring land based adventure which is free for general public.
Ramnagar - Rock Climbing near Bangalore
Netrani Islands off the coast from Murudeshwar is a divers paradise where the depths range from 6 to 40 meters with excellent visibility of 15 to 30 meters and more. Here you can see an abundance of colorful marine life thriving in an un-polluted environment, in a natural oceanic marine ecological system of coral reefs. Netrani Islands is rated comparable to Lakshadweep and Maldives. The operators charge anywhere between Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 dor a dive.
Rock Climbing near  Bangalore..
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Yana Rocks
Rock Climbing near Bangalore
Rock Climbing near Bangalore
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