Badami - The Land of Caves...

Set around the Agasthya Theertha, a fresh water pond, Badami is a series of four cave temples carved out of the soft Badami sandstone on a hill side. An example of Indian rock-cut architecture Badami is located in Bagalkot approximately 15 kms from Pattadakal and about 35 kms from Aihole.
Celebrated as the land of caves, Badami is famous for its well preserved cave temples. The set of four cave temples of Badami overlooking the Agasthya theertha were built between the 6th and the 8th centuary. The fourth cave or the Jaina cave temple in Badami is believed to be the most recent which was built in the 8th centuary. The third cave dedicated to Vishnu is the largest of the four and has the most intricate carvings amongst the cave temples in Badami.
Bhutanatha Group of Temples

Bhutanatha group of temples is located in Badami, near the Badami cave temples. Bhutanatha group of temples include Bhutanatha Temple and Mallikarjuna Temple. These temples in Badami are located on the east and the north-east sde of Agasthya Tirtha. All the temples in the Bhutanatha group of temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Bhutanatha group of temples along with the cave temples on the hill is the major attraction in Badami
Mahakuta Group of Temples - Badami

Located about 14 kilometers from Badami cave temples Mahakuta Group of Temples are around two dozen Shiva temples in a huge temple complex surrounding an attractive spring fed tank known as Vishnu Pushkarini
Banashankari Amma Temple - Badami

Banashankari Amma Temple is a famous temple located in Cholachagudd near Badami dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. The Banashankari Amma Temple was originally built by the Chalukyas during the 7th century and later rebuilt by the Marathas. There is a square tank in front of the temple which is called the Haridra Tirtha.
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