Bellary Fort - Haider Ali's Stronghold..

Built on top of Bellary Gudda The Bellary Fort is situated in Bellary about 60 kms west of Hampi. Bellary fort houses several historical and religious monuments. The fort has a commanding view of the plains that form the present day Bellary town. Bellary fort was a stronghold of Haider Ali and it was Haider Ali who built the lower for of the Bellary Fort.
Bellary fort has two parts, the Upper Fort built during by Hanumappa Nayaka and the Lower Fort built during Haider Aliís rule. The Upper fort of Bellary houses the citadel, at the summit with a three tier fortification. On the top, outside the citadel is a small temple and several deep cisterns. The Lower Bellary fort is located at the eastern base of the rock. The lower fort has two entrance gates. The French engineer's grave, dated 1769 is located at the east gate of the fort.
Daroji Bear Sanctuary - Bellary Fort

The rock-strewn hillocks that stretch between Daroji of Sandur taluk and Ramasagar of Hospet Taluk near Hampi, about an hours drive from Bellary Fort has been the abode of Indian Sloth Bears since ages.

Daroji Bear Sanctuary was instated in 1994 in Bellary Fort and the sanctuary has proved to be a suitable habitat for the Indian Sloth Bears in a span of few years. It is estimated that about 120 Sloth Bears are living in this sanctuary.

Tekkalakote hill is one of the pre-historic sites in India. Located about an hour from Bellary fort Tekkalakote is famous for the ancient square shaped fort. Tekkalakote located towards south of Siruguppa town.
Sanganakallu - Bellary

Located 8 kms away from Bellary fort is the peacock hills of Sanganakallu - a complex of hills which belongs to Neolithic period 3000 B.C. Believed to be the first village in South India Sanganakallu is spread over 1,000 acres and is the largest pre historic village complex. Since from 1997, archaeologists from the Karnatak University and Cambridge University are working at this site.
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Bellary Fort
Bellary Fort
Daroji Bear Sanctuary - Bellary Fort
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Bellary Fort
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