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Kudle beach is a beautiful stretch of beach between main Gokarna beach and Om beach. Walks along the coastline to the adjoining beaches over the small hillocks offering breathtaking panoramic views of the sea is an absolute must do during a holiday in Kudle beach however these walks can get quite tiring as its one hillock after the other here with small coves of beaches nestled coyly between them. Paradise beach is the farthest amongst the four beaches in this stretch.
Kudle - Gokarna Beaches!

Kudle beach north of Om beach has a friendly welcoming vibe about it that is all pervasive. With numerous shacks and small cottages this small cove of Kudle flanked by Gokarna beach and Om beach on either sides is the most popular stretch here amongst the foreign tourists, both Om and Gokarna beach is about half an hour walk away from Kudle beach.
Gokarna Beaches

There are five popular beaches in this region of the shore line. Gokarna beach with its temples is more of a conservative pilgrim centre unlike the other four beaches of Kudle, Om beach, half moon and the southern most Paradise beach
Cooking in Paradise Beach
Kudle Beach - walk to Om Beach
Kudle Beach
Mahabaleshwar Temple - Gokarna
Mahabaleshwar Temple - Gokarna

The Mahabaleshwar temple is built in dravidian architectural style, with granite stones. The temple has the Atmalinga enshrined in it on a "square Saligrama Peetha". It has a small hole at its centre from where devotees can see the top of the Atmalinga. The deity, a 1500 yrs old carved stone image of Lord Shiva, is deified here in a standing position with two arms.
The stretch of beaches starting from Kudle to its south is very popular especially amongst young international tourists. These beaches offer them a cheaper option than Goa and are far more secluded. The Half moon beach and Paradise beach south of Om beach are not accessible by road and a holiday here is almost like parallel existence! Boats are available here to commute from one beach to another for those who are not game for a walk in the hilly terrain, which can be strenuous, connecting one beach to the other.

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