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Maravanthe Beach..
Maravanthe - A Rendezvouz with Souparkika!

Maravanthe beach is one of the most picturesque locations in South Kannada. This beautiful beach is situated 9 km east of Kundapur, Karnataka. On the western side of Maravanthe beach is the Arabian Sea, while on the eastern side runs the Saurpanika river with the NH 17 running between the two seperating sea from the river!
Well known for the sunsets and sunrise, Maravanthe beach is growing in popularity as a tourist destination in south Karnataka. There are many things one could do during a holiday in Maravanthe to make the tour to Maravanthe memorable. The scenic Maravanthe beach is naturally the main attraction in Maravanthe. The beach in Maravanthe in essence is relatively empty and rocks are stacked up at the highway side to protect the highway during storms and high tides.

The Souparnika river running parallel to the Maravanthe beach is believed to be medicinal in nature and a dip in it auspicious! Legend has it that Suparna; an eagle, performed penance on the banks of this river and attained salvation and the river was named after it!!
Hattiyangadi 15 kms from Maravanthe, well known for the Siddhivinayaka Ganesh temple was once capital of Alupa Kings. The Siddhi Vinayaka temple is located on the bank of River Varahi. This is the only Temple in India, where the idol of Lord Vinayaka sports a jata-hair. The idol itself is carved of a Saligrama stone and is 2.5 feet high and Vinayaka’s curly hair is left loose at the back. The trunk is bent towards the left. The statue is believed to grow in size every year and it has actually has outgrown its silver casting!!
Mekekattu Nadhikeshwara Temple..

Just about 20 km from Kundapur town is Mekekattu Nadhikeshwara Temple which attracts several thousand visitors every year. This temple near Maravanthe is believed to have been built by sage Parashurama. Rows of wooden idols adorning warrior costumes resembling a was is the major attraction in this temple. The statues look like Mughal and Maratha soldiers.
Hattiyangadi Siddhivinayak Temple
Maravanthe Beach
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