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A tortoise shaped island off the coast from Karwar is one of the five islands in this region. Kurumgad along with the other islands and Karwar is a tourist hub and a great weekend destination from Bangalore. The Kurumgad region is amongst the rare places in Karnataka where one could indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving.
Kurumgad a tortoise-shaped island is located approximately 10 nautical miles off Karwar. Kuruma means tortoise and thats how the island got its name Kurumgad! Kurumgad is renowned for the hilltop Narasimha Temple, which attracts thousands of devotees during the annual jatra held on Pushya Purnima every year in early January. Kurumgad is a snorkeling site with coral reefs extending over half a kilometer! Kurumgad is famous for water sports and is a must visit destination for beach lovers!
Lighthouse in Devbagh

The lighthouse located on the Devbagh island is one of the oldest lighthouses in this region which was constructed in the 1860s, during the British rule in India. With a dome and a lantern room the lighthouse has a colonial style of architecture.

Devbagh an island off the coast of Karwar about three nautical miles from Kurumgad and practically an hour away from Goa is a beautiful beach destination, and for that matter just the perfect weekend destination from Bangalore if you are looking for a secluded weekend away. Devbagh is 10 nautical miles off the Karwar coast and the only way to reach Devbagh is by boat from the Karwar jetty about 10 kms from the Karwar bus stand. Devbagh is one of the farthest destinations from Bangalore however Devbagh is definitely worth the effort.
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Kurumgad

Kurumgad is a haven for those interested in water sports and is one of the rare destinations in the country where you can indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving. Scuba diving in Devbagh and Kurumgad is run by trainers affiliated to PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors. There are options of learning and certifying yourselves in Scubadiving or just an introduction to it!

Scuba Diving in Karnataka
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