Murudeshwar Beach and Temple..
Murudeshwar - The Towering Grace!!

Located in the picturesque landscape between Honnavara and Bhatkal; Murudeshwar, bound by the Arabian Sea and the rolling hills of Western Ghats, is a destination in Karnataka with huge potential for tourism. Murudeshwar probably has the finest white sand beach in Karnataka.
The Murudeshwar temple towers over this small beach town and the 123 feet high Shiva statue, tallest in the world, is visible from any part of the Murudehswar. The sea is an intrinsic part of the temple landscape at Murudeshwar. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple upon the small hill called Kanduka Giri. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to the Murudeshwar temple. As one ascends the hillock, there is a shrine of Jattiga seated on a horse.
Murudeshwar Fort

The far less visited Murudeshwar fort is located at the far end of Murudeshwar behind the Murudeshwar temple. Built during the era of Vijayanagara kings the fort is well maintained and is certainly worth a visit during a Murudeshwar trip.
Kudle Beach - Gokarna
Kudle, 75 kms from Murudeshwar in Gokarna is very popular especially amongst young international tourists. Kudle beach offer a cheaper option than Goa and are far more secluded. The Half moon beach and Paradise beach south of Om beach are not accessible by road and a holiday here is almost like parallel existence! Boats are available here to commute from one beach to another for those who are not game for a walk in the hilly terrain, which can be strenuous, connecting one beach to the other.

Scuba Diving in Netrani Island..

Netrani Islands off the coast from Murudeshwar is a divers paradise where the depths range from 6 to 40 meters with excellent visibility of 15 to 30 meters and more. Here you can see an abundance of colorful marine life thriving in an un-polluted environment, in a natural oceanic marine ecological system of coral reefs. Netrani Islands is rated comparable to Lakshadweep.
Kudle Beach
Netrani Islands
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